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The Hat Billy Boar says

Slide Sex, Drugs
and Bluegrass
about Was founded in Georgia by musician Glen DeMeritt back in 2007. The goal was to create a hat heavily inspired by music and fueled by the vibe of the day.

The Captain One of the most popular styles ever The City Slicker For the more reserved crowd MUSTACHE TRIM Mustaches also need to be trimmed regularly BEARD TRIM Well-trimmed beard is a must-have element of every men’s image Our Shop shop We have several variations of our iconic hat to suit your needs, Every hat is backed by a unconditional money back guarantee

Slide John WILSON Bluegrass Festival Barry ANDERSON Live Music Connesuer andrew PHILLIPS Food Ninja Community Our Family Our customers come from every walk of life. From Artists to Accounting. Musicians to subcontractors. One thing they all have in common is their love for Sex, Drugs and good ole Bluegrass

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Slide Sex , Drugs and Bluegrass These hats are purported to have gotten their popularity from pickers and clickers of the Appalachia. And is said to have magical abilities unlike any other style of hat...including magicians hats About Shop Contacts